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Insurance Backed Guarantee FAQs
Some of my details on my policy document are incorrect, what should I do?
Give us a call on 0800 131 0123 or drop us an email, we’ll be able to amend your policy and, after 24 hours, the updated copy will be available for you to download from your portal.
There’s a problem with my installation - now what?
If the installer is still trading, they would be your first point of contact but if you’re not sure or want to check, give us a call, we’re happy to help.
I’m selling my house, is my policy transferrable?
The Insurance Backed Guarantee underwrites the installing contractors written guarantee, so if the installing contractors own written guarantee is transferrable, so is the Insurance Backed Guarantee. For more information about transferring policy, check out your policy terms and conditions.

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Your Policy Documents…
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Once the code has been installed, style selections will be instantly reflected on your website without needing future updates

Add An Insurance Backed Guarantee

Our research shows, homeowners are over 60% more likely to go with a quote including an IBG than one without.

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      86% Of Prospects Look At Reviews When Thinking Of Buying Anything

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      Wikijob.co.uk Found That Using Reviews Boosts Bottom Line Sales By 34%

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        Make Sure Your Directory Listing Display Is Relevant

        Title tags are seen in search engine results pages to display previews for a given page, and are important for SEO and social sharing.

        A META Keyword is used to describe the contents of a web page for search engines - for example, Double Glazing Installer, Roofer, Essex etc.


        Much like a summary, Meta descriptions are used to describe the page content within Google..

        About Us Description

        Tell Your Customers A Little About You

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        Use Your Membership to get more sales, cut your costs and grow your profits

        Get More Sales

        As part of your membership, we give you access to a number of tools to assist you with geting more sales


        What do 86% of your customers do when thinking about buying anything? They look at reviews. Research shows 70% of people trust the reviews they read.

        And the UK’s largest graduate jobs website – WikiJob.co.uk – found that using reviews: Boosts bottom line sales by 34%.

        Upload New Reviews

        Free Enquiries

        Once you have customer reviews on your HomePro page, you're listed in our nationwide Find a Tradesman directory.

        Many homeowners who use the directory are ready to get a quote. So, if they get in touch, you have every chance of turning the enquiry into work.

        Check Quote Me Settings


        Our research shows homeowners are over 60% more likely to choose a quote including an IBG rather than a quote without one.

        As a HomePro member, you can include IBGs in your quotes – helping turn more of them into work for you.

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        Cut Your Costs


        Your HomePro membership includes a free TradePoint card.HomePro members get the very best savings TradePoint offers.

        On average HomePro members saved £146 over the last 12 months. One member saved a whopping £1,246.

        Download Benefit Pack

        Fuel Card

        We help every HomePro Member get a discount fuel card, if wanted, from The Fuel Card People. There's no minimum spend.

        Simply fix the fuel price you'll pay each week. And fill up at any one of 7,000 filling stations acress the UK, Why pay pump prices if you can pay less?

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        Travis Perkins

        Save up to 55% off tool hire from Travis Perkins. You have access to a huge range of tools, equipment and even skips for hire.

        From drilling equipment to waste management solutions, call just one number and all your tool/equipment hire needs can be met.

        Download Benefit Pack

        Best Van Deals

        Best Van Deals is part of the largest Van and Truck dealer in the UK. They specialise in the best Lease and Contract Hire van deals.

        This means, you get exclusive deals on new vans. With options of lease, contract hire and hire purchase van deals.

        Download Benefit Pack

        Utility Trade

        Save 25% - 40% on your utility and telephone bills through Utility Trade. They specialise in finding the cheapest utilities so you can save on your energy bills.

        Not only will Utility Trade help you find the cheapest utilities, they will also continnuously monitor your bills & diarise your renewal dates.

        Download Benefit Pack

        Chip & Pin

        Can you take card payments from your customers on site? If not, you may be missing out on an additional method of getting payments.

        Chip & Pin Solutions offer mobile and fixed line card machines that enable your customers the ability to accept card payments.

        Download Benefit Pack

        AA Breakdown Cover

        The AA is the largest breakdown cover organisation in the UK and has been providing assistance to motorists since 1905.

        You could save up to 55% by using this benefit and repairs are usually completed in under 30 minutes - saving you money and time!

        Download Benefit Pack

        Avis Car Hire

        Avis is one of the most recognized car rental companies in the world and operates in over 4,000 locations in 114 countries

        With this great benefit, you get up to 10% off UK & European car rentals - at over 300 UK pick up locations!

        Download Benefit Pack


        Once you have customer reviews on your HomePro page, you're listed in our nationwide Find a Tradesman directory.

        Many homeowners who use the directory are ready to get a quote. So, if they get in touch, you have every chance of turning the enquiry into work.

        Download Benefit Pack


        Yell's Corporate Advertising Scheme (CAS) gives our members a prominent advert in Yellow Pages using a high impact display advert.

        It will contain the line entry listings of participating companies & have the added advantage of enabling you to include additional information about your business.

        Download Benefit Pack
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        Grow Your Profits

        You know that if you get more sales and cut your costs, your profits will grow? We'll work with you to improve your business.

        Account Manager

        Your dedicated Account Manager will help you build and use Customer Reviews and other tools to help you grow your profits.

        Your Account Manager can be contacted on or by email on


        Online Advertising

        By adding images to your HomePro page you can get up to 271% more clicks from likely customers. These clicks don't cost you a penny.

        One of our members gets clicks - online traffic - from homeowners which would cost £19,000 a year using Google Adwords.

        Download Benefit Pack

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